Counseling is a conversational process instrumental in the development of skills that help clients effectively confront and cope with temporary uncertainties and conflicts. Counseling is to support an individual when s/he finds it difficult or painful to take decisions about his/her work-life or relationship.

The counselor’s working premise is that the client has the ability to resolve and overcome his/her difficulties with his/her own resources. The first stage in this process is to discuss and clarify the client’s current needs. Once this has been done, the counselor can then support the mobilization of the individual resources required to overcome any conflicts and uncertainties.

The counselor is a non-judgmental, objective, professional and experienced helper. His work is not to offer advice but, rather, to make the client feel comfortable in speaking and appreciated in revealing their feelings and emotions at a difficult time.

Who is a Counselor?

* A counselor is a non-judgmental, objective professional experienced in clarifying feelings, beliefs and emotions
* A counselor will try to make you comfortable in talking and expressing what you need and want
* A counselor can help you to gradually find the support you need within yourself

How does it work?

In the initial session the counselor and the client agree on development objectives. After this, up to ten individual sessions of about 50 minutes may follow. Sessions are confidential, no information on the content of the session is given without the written consent of the client.

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    In Italy Counseling is regulated by Law 4/2013, Jan 14th 2013